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Athletes work exceptionally hard at their craft to get to the professional level --- they focus on one task, and they cultivate the self-discipline to put in the hard work


The best and highest-performing people in sales viscerally embrace competition and cherish hard-earned victories.


Successful salespeople are goal-oriented and self-motivated----these are the defining qualities of high-performing athletes --- as they set benchmarks and focus diligently on reaching or exceeding them.


Great athletes seek the advice and support that comes with good coaching, training, and management.


Like elite athletes, great salespeople continually push themselves to meet increasingly ambitious goals, aiming to outperform the numbers they put up in previous months, quarters or years.


Great athletes and salespeople alike recognize that failure is inevitable and must treat setbacks as speed bumps rather than stop signs.


Great salespeople often possess supreme people skills and are able to adeptly apply their relationship-building and communication prowess toward successfully converting prospects into clients. 

With greater insight into why athletes win as salespeople, sales manager and salespeople in communities like ours can have a good model to emulate. 


Wishing you call the best,



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