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IF YOU THINK THEY CAN BUY ON THE FIRST VISIT THEY CAN IF YOU THINK THEY CAN'T BUY ON THE FIRST VISIT THEY CAN'T Some salespeople consistently sell more then 30% of the prospects they meet ON THE FIRST VISIT. Other salespeople consistently sell less then 1% of the prospects they meet with ON THE FIRST VISIT. THEY"RE BOTH SELF FULFILLING PROPHECIES 

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Prospective buyers can't say NO to what your community has to offer when you close with an "open ended question" using one of these 3 words.

WHAT: I.E. What do you see as the next step? HOW: I.E.  How would you like to like to proceed ?


I.E. Where would  you like to go from here? 


 try it out and let me know how it goes.

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Here's the deal..... put the customer's needs and desires ahead of your product offerings and you'll sell more.  This customer centric sales approach is what TOP performing salespeople do to convert more potential buyers to sales.


Don't start out by telling the prospects all about what you are selling and how great the community is. Instead discover what it is your prospective buyers needs and wants are. Use open ended questions to open them up and listen deeply so that you really get what that are saying.


Now that you heard and acknowledges what it is your prospects desires in a community and home, it's time present what your community has to offer closest to their needs


If you made a proper presentation up to now and they're just not interested, don't try to force then to take a tour of the community.  After all your not a tour director, you get paid the big bucks to SELL by giving everyone an opportunity to buy....